【Official】Gyozantei Yamabuki

It is an alkaline hot spring and is also famous as a Bijin-no-yu spring.

Known as Shingen's Hidden Hot Spring. "Nakagawa Hot Springs"
Enjoy the blessings of the mountain river, which mainly consists of fresh river fish, which can only be enjoyed at an inn directly managed by a fish farm.

Within this facility / facility

  • Entrance

    A song that represents the time when this town of Yamakita prospered as a railway town in the early Showa period.
  • Lobby

    This is the lobby of our inn.
    You can take a rest after taking a bath.
    Books are displayed in the lobby.
  • Dining"Fish vegetables"

    With consideration for individual partitioning, it comes with a warm moat.
    We offer dishes that can only be tasted locally at this place.
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Hotel Name

Gyozantei Yamabuki


897-90 Nakagawa, Yamakita Town, Ashigarakami County, Kanagawa Prefecture

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5 minutes by car from Tanzawa Lake

Please understand that there is no pick-up service.
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customer's voice

  • 〇Mr. Y

    I used it for a family trip during Silver Week.
    I was disappointed that I couldn't go sightseeing around the area because the traffic jam delayed my arrival, but the hot springs were the best.
  • 〇Mr. T

    Japanese room is clean and comfortable.
    Service manner is also good.
  • 〇Mr. G

    I stayed in a Japanese-style room of 24 square meters per room.
    (5 adults, 6 years old, 4 years old, 1 year old grandchildren) There are a total of 8 people.
    It was hard, but I am very happy that the whole family can enjoy it.
    It may have caused a nuisance to the person in the next room ...
    The hot springs are a little lukewarm and I was a little dissatisfied, but it might have been just right for my grandchildren.
    Even if I entered late at night, the hot water was clean and clear, which made me feel good.
    It seems that my grandson, who suddenly met a cat near the exit of the bath, got excited and panicked, but by the time he returned, he was accustomed to stroking the cat to see him off.
    It was a memorable trip.
    Thank you very much.

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