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Seasonal ingredients blessed by nature

The blessings of Yamakawa that can only be experienced in that area

Befitting the name of "Gyozantei", this is an inn where you can enjoy fish dishes.
You can enjoy fresh fish caught in the local river.
Our chef will carefully select the ingredients and serve the dishes.

Meal information

It is a meal that will satisfy your eyes and tongue, where you can enjoy the blessings of Yamakawa.
  • Dining"Fish color"

    Meals will be served at the restaurant "Uosai".
    With consideration for individual partitioning, it comes with a warm moat.
    We offer dishes that can only be tasted locally at this place.
  • An example of cooking:Japanese Kaiseki Meal

    Kaiseki cuisine with a focus on fresh mountain stream fish.
    In addition to river fish, we also use seasonal wild plants and other wild vegetables.
    Please enjoy the taste that changes with the seasons.
  • An example of cooking:3 kinds of pots

    Guests staying from October to March should choose one pot at the time of booking.

    (1) Kamonabe
    (2) Yosenabe
    (3) Mushroom pot

    If not specified, we will prepare "kamonabe".
  • An example of cooking:Breakfast

    Good nutrition from the morning!
    There are a lot of items and the rice goes on.